Borrelhapjes bestellen


Drinks and bites have a permanent place at every festive occasion. With snacks, taste, creativity and presentation are the most important. Craftsmanship, passion and use of fresh ingredients do the rest. Culinary delights that always surprise you should not be missing. Our drinks and bites are surprising, exclusive and aesthetically pleasing, but they have to be sure

of one thing: simply delicious!


To make it easy, our drinks and bites are to order online!


Canapés and appetizers

Basic bites

Brie on rye bread with walnut and honey

Freshly smoked salmon with dill and capers

Canapé with filet Americain, chives and capers

Rose smoked beef loin, parmesan and pesto

Stuffed eggs with a hint of curry and chives

Cucumber canapé with cream cheese and olives

€ 55.50 (60 bulbs)

Culinary bites

Tomato with chive cream cheese and capers

Smoked eel on a canape with salmon eggs

Salmon tartare with dill and capers

Skewer serrano ham with Cantaloupe melon

Fig biscuit with duck mousse, grape and red currant

Mini club sandwich with rib-eye, mustard and arugula

€ 68.50 (60 pcs)

Tapas bites

Canapé with mousse of salmon and capers

Canapé with garlic cream cheese and olives

Skewer serrano ham with Cantaloupe melon

Skewer chorizo and marinated olives

Skewer of sun tomatoes with cucumber

Bruschetta with spianata, serrano ham and salmon

€ 73.50 (60 pcs)

Bites from the chef

Veal fillet, truffle mayonnaise and capers Smoked rib-eye with Parmesan cheese and pesto

Rose smoked halibut with wakame and sesame seeds

Date cookie with duck mousse, fresh fig and almond

Rose of serrano ham with fig and goat mousse

Smoked salmon, eel and caviar mousse

€ 88.50 (60 pcs)

Vegetarian bites

Brie on rye bread with walnut and honey

Tomato filled with chive cream cheese and olive

Canape with chive cream cheese and artichoke heart

Fig biscuit with mascarpone and almond

Skewer pomodori with mozzarella and pesto

Date biscuit with goat cheese mousse and fresh fig

€ 68.50 (60 pcs)

Culinary amuses

Prawns with ginger and lime chutney

Veal with truffle mayonnaise and a quail egg

Serrano ham with mascarpone, almond and fresh fig

Mini pomodori with mozzarella and homemade pesto

Salmon tartare bonbon with a hint of lemon

Cream cheese with rib-eye, arugula and pine nuts

€ 52.50 (30 pcs)

Goodies off the shelf

Cocktail board with cheese and sausage

Gouda cheese and Leiden cheese accompanied with mustard

Liver sausage, garlic salami and Gelderland cooked sausage, cucumber and cherry tomatoes with a yoghurt dip

€ 52.50 (60 bulbs)

Vegan drink board

Wraps with humus, arugula and sprouts

Skewer with cucumber, olive, sun tomato and basil

Tomatoes with couscous bonbon and almond flakes

Vegetable nibbles with fresh dips
€ 52.50 (± 10 people)

Shelf with goodies   Cubes Old Amsterdam, cheese cubes and cheese bonbons

Garlic salami, spianata romana and serrano ham

Vegetable nibbles with yoghurt dip and roasted nuts

Accompanied with toast and bread with spreads

€ 62.50 (± 10 people)

Shelf with fromage and charcuterie

Various French cheeses and dry sausages

Delicious cured ham, fresh figs and grapes

Marinated olives, nuts and chopbread

Toast and artisan bread with spreads

€ 66.50 (± 10 people)

Vega drinks board

Tomato canapé with chive cream cheese and olive

Date biscuit with goat mousse and fresh fig                  Wrap with cream cheese, arugula and grilled vegetables

Cucumber canapé with Petrella and artichoke                € 55.50 (± 10 people)

Hot and spicy bites

Delicious frying

Van Dobben bitterballen and cheese sticks

Flame and shrimp tails
Served with 2 types of sauce

€ 68.50 (60 bulbs)

Plateau of warm bites

Roasted Yakitor skewers with ginger

Meatballs in Javaanse satay sauce

Mediterranean chicken skewers with garlic
Vegetarian balls with tomato sauce
Served with 2 types of sauce

€ 52.50 (60 pcs)



Plateau of warm puff bites

Mini sausage buns
Puff pastry bites with chicken curry
Cheese in puff pastry (vegetarian)

€ 57.50 (60 pcs)

Plateau deluxe hot bites

Scampis in garlic oil and fresh herbs

Albondigas meatballs in tomato sauce

Tapas skewers with bacon wrapped dates

Roasted yakitor skewers in ginger marinade

Vegetable skewers of mushroom, pepper and zucchini

€ 68.50 (60 bulbs)

Finger food and party food

Bread spreads

Various freshly baked breads

Accompanied with homemade spreads

€ 7.50 per portion (± 8 people)

Delicious half wraps

Wrap Parma ham, arugula and sundried tomatoes

Wrap smoked salmon, lettuce, capers and cream cheese

Wrap with goat cheese, honey, walnut crumb and arugula

Vegetarian wrap with guacamole, bell pepper and

red onion

€ 3.25 each

Artisan bread and dips

Mediterranean sticks in different variants,

namely: pesto, tomato tapenade or olives,

accompanied with dips

€ 9.50 per portion (± 8 people)

Cold soup shooter

Beetroot soup with a hint of coconut                 Thai pumpkin shooter with lime and ginger

Spanish gazpacho with tomato and cucumber

€ 3.50 each

Super sandwiches

Smoked salmon and chive cream cheese
Chicken fillet with herb spread and arugula
Dried ham with sun tomato and Petrella

Humus with arugula and sprouts

€ 1.75 per sandwich - € 3.75 per club sandwich

Fresh sushi

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Sushi base

Sushi extensive

Sushi vegetarian

€  32,50 (30 stuks)

€  36,50 (30 stuks)

€  32,50 (30 stuks)

Goodies for the table

Table bites de luxe

Olives, roasted nuts and vegetable chips

€ 9.50 per serving

Drink skewers

Coburger ham with melon
Mozzarella with cherry tomato and pesto

Spianata romana with olives
Sun-dried tomatoes with cucumber

€ 22.50 per portion (16 pieces)

Table bites

Olives, nuts and salty biscuits

€ 7.50 per serving

Tortilla chip with happy dip

Crispy tortilla chips with nacho cheese

Accompanied with guacamole, salsa or cheddar sauce

€ 9.50 per serving

Fresh vegetable

Rettich sticks and carrot strips

Cucumber slices and cherry tomatoes
Served with fresh healthy dips

€ 8.50 per portion (± 5 persons)

Cheese sausage board

Young matured cheese, cumin cheese and Old Amsterdam

Gelderland cooked sausage, liver sausage and salami

Served with mustard

€ 14.50 per portion (20 pieces)

Cheese sausage board

Young matured cheese, cumin cheese and Old Amsterdam

Gelderland cooked sausage, liver sausage and salami

Served with mustard

€ 14.50 per portion (20 pieces)