Sustainable and vegetarian


We pay a lot of attention to sustainable entrepreneurship. This is reflected in our business operations and range. We mainly work with sustainable and healthy products that are freshly prepared.

Think of a buffet, a walking dinner or a barbecue. Fully catered dinners, buffets or surprising bites are also possible.

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Healthy and sustainable buffet

Warm meals
Roasted sweet potatoes with fresh herbs
Risotto with spinach, basil and Parmesan cheese
Lemon fish from the oven with black pepper and dill
Grilled free-range chicken skewers with rosemary and thyme

Cold dishes

Grilled vegetable salad, feta and yogurt dressing
Salad with broad beans, tuna, capers and red onion
Quinoa salad with onion, tomato and a lemon dressing
Various farmhouse breads with spreads
€ 20.50 per person

Biological   buffet

Warm meals

Free-range chicken fillet with olives and coriander from the oven
Baked wild salmon in saffron sauce with white wine
Oven baked potatoes and Provencal herbs
Seasoned wild rice with forest mushrooms
Stewed fresh vegetables with garlic and parsley

Cold dishes

Potato salad with apple, spring onion and parsley
Caprese salad with mozzarella and pomodori
Cheese platter with various Dutch and French cheeses
Seasonal green salad with yoghurt dressing
Various breads with spreads
€ 34.50 per person

Vegetarian   buffet

Warm meals
Homemade lasagna with spinach and parmesan
Potato pie from the oven with arugula and herbs
Zucchini, onion, tomato and eggplant ratatouille
Toasted sugar snaps with herb butter
Tomatoes au gratin from the oven
Marinated mushrooms from the oven

Cold dishes
Fruity Waldorf salad with celery and curry mayo
Pasta salad with sundried tomato and pesto
Potato salad with tuna, red onion and capers
Green salad with cucumber, tomato, onion and feta
Various breads with spreads
€ 19.50 per person

Deliciously healthy from the grill on the table

At the table, various healthy and nutritious

salads that are served with

artisan breads and homemade spreads.

Our chef will prepare various items on the grill

that have a healthy and sustainable character.

When choosing the ingredients we will, where

possible, take into account healthy, sustainable

and of course tasty products.

Goodies for the table
Tabbouleh salad with delicious grilled

vegetables, feta and a soft lemon dressing
Skinny Caesar salad with avocado, red onion,
herb croutons and yogurt garlic dressing

Spinach salad with goat cheese, fresh figs,
roasted walnuts and honey mustard dressing

Slices of fresh sweet watermelon and strawberry skewers
Traditional Mediterranean breads with

pesto, herb butter, salted butter and humus

Freshly grilled from the grill
Baked potatoes with herb butter and sea salt

Wild salmon marinated in herb garlic oil

Skewer of oriental marinated chicken with teriyaki

Provencal marinated tenderloin skewers

Vegetable skewer of seasonal vegetables

The grilled treats are lightly portioned

so that all guests can enjoy every item,

they are accompanied with healthy sauces.

€ 24.50 per person

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Fresh Green Dip

Cheese sausage board

Young matured cheese, cumin cheese and Old Amsterdam

Gelderland cooked sausage, liver sausage and salami

Served with mustard

€ 14.50 per portion (20 pieces)