Great events

A complete event that focuses on experience, tasting and enjoyment. Our concepts are customer-specific and are therefore always tailor-made. We would like to invite

you to request a tailor-made offer without obligation, in order to do so get a good idea of the various options.

Our culinary advisers are ready to work with you

to give a fanatic interpretation to a great event.

We believe that quality, attention to detail and cooperation are the ingredients for a successful event!


  Customization and Fine tuning    

Outdoor Food Truck

“We believe that quality, attention to detail and cooperation are the most important ingredients for a really successful event! Let's start!."

Open day:

Do you want to organize an open day so that relations, customers, family or staff can take a look at your company or organization ? Then it is important that you make a good impression and there is every opportunity to strengthen the ties with your relations.

A festive setting with delicious food and drinks should not be missed. The five stars are happy to help organize your open day. We ensure that the open day leaves an indelible impression. We do this by beautifully decorating the location and serving delicious surprising snacks. We would like to invite you to let us make a tailor-made offer so that you get a good idea of all the possibilities.

Outdoor Family Day
Honderdjarige Viering
Reception and anniversary:

An opening, presentation, anniversary, a farewell ? Make it a special and unforgettable experience for all your guests. A beautiful location, stylish decoration, snacks and drinks provide a lasting memory. Our enthusiastic and professional ensures that your guests will lack nothing. A reception of the five stars is a party for all your guests. We are happy to tell you about the possibilities. Together we create a fantastic interpretation. Be inspired by us and request a customized quote without obligation and discover all the possibilities.

Theme party:

Do you have a theme party in mind ? Fun! We like to think

with you and make sure everything goes according to plan.

We have lales in house to ensure a unique experience. That's what we aim for! Of course we provide the catering with delicious fresh and traditional dishes and nice accents in the chosen theme. But we also make the design, operation and decoration of the location completely in the style with the theme you have chosen. Please contact us so that we can inform you about all the possibilities.