Catering for the business

Lunch is perhaps the most important time of the day.

Just relax and enjoy something tasty and preferably

i etching healthy. We serve the tastiest sandwiches and complete lunches, always healthy and surprisingly culinary. We also have sustainable fillings in our range. Great crates with local delicacies. Of course we serve various vegetarian and vegan delicacies.

Special moments are there to celebrate, to share and to cherish. This is often accompanied by a snack and a drink. A creative and carefully chosen culinary interpretation is essential to make those special moments just that little bit extra special. The Five Star Catering feels that fine and knows how to impress you in a surprising and hospitable way

and your company. De Vijf Sterren distinguishes itself with traditionally prepared creations that are surprising, but above all very tasty. We would like to invite you to make an offer so that we can guide you to a great interpretation of your event.

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Mexicaanse Meal
Broodjes en lunches bestellen
Samengestelde lunches
Dranken bijbestellen
Lekker warm
Soep en salades
Fruit van het seizoen
Complete lunches
Lunch buffet
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Cheese sausage board

Young matured cheese, cumin cheese and Old Amsterdam

Gelderland cooked sausage, liver sausage and salami

Served with mustard

€ 14.50 per portion (20 pieces)