Food courts and street food

A complete event that focuses on experience, tasting and enjoyment. Our chefs prepare delicious dishes “live” from a decorated food court in a specific theme. A complete event that focuses on experience, tasting and enjoyment. Our chefs prepare delicious dishes “live” from a decorated food court.



Our concepts are customer-specific and are therefore always tailor-made. We would like to invite you to request a no-obligation quotation to get a good idea of the possibilities.

Our culinary advisers are happy to assist you to give a fanatic interpretation to a fantastic culinary experience.

Foodcourt Mediterranean

"Tapas & Pincos"


From the grill
Delicious pichos from the Basque Country
Marinated prawns on a skewer

Patatas bravas with tomato sauce
Date skewer wrapped in bacon
Mushrooms in a sherry marinade

Traditional thinly sliced serrano ham
Fresh chorizo with manchego and olives

Olives, anchovy skewers, aioli and stuffed peppers
Regional breads with different spreads

Cream Catalana
Price on request


Foodcourt Tex-mex

" Viva Las Vegas"


From the grill
Pulled chicken sandwiches with BBQ sauce and coleslaw
Black Angus burger with cajun potato wedges

Fish and vegetarian
Delicious salads in 'mix your own salad' form
Baked potatoes with crème fraîche surprise
Skewers of grilled prawns in 'key lime marinade'

Taco and ribs
Taco & wraps bar, compose your own burito or taco
Chicken wings with salsa and a green salad
Spicy ribs with a Kentucky whiskey marinade

Price on request


Foodcourt Oriental

" OriëtExpress"

Rice table
Fragrant fried rice with egg and vegetables

Yakitori skewers in a ginger marinade

Sambal goreng beans
Rendang with coconut

Nice and spicy
Spicy marinated egg

Authentic spekkoek
Price on request


Food court Bella Italia  

" Tutti"

Pasta e basta
Authentic lasagna bolognese
Vegetable lasagna with spinach

El forno
Various delicious pizzas from the oven

Anti paste
Fresh pasta salad with basil and parmesan

Traditional tiramisu with mascarpone and espresso
Price on request


Foodcourt Healthy

"Green & Mean"


Fruit & Juice
Freshly prepared juices and smoothies
Skewers with freshly cut fruit

Fresh & vegan
Delicious salad bar in 'mix your own salad' form
Turkish wraps with humus and various toppings

Warm bites
Falafel sandwiches with lettuce and toppings
Price on request


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