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“Our business operations are sustainable as much as possible.”  

Where possible, we always make the most ecologically responsible choices.

Sustainable business

De Vijf Sterren catering pays a lot of attention to corporate social responsibility.Our products and services are as sustainable as possible and, where possible, our raw materials are of organic origin. In fact, at every event organized by us there is

corporate social responsibility has been taken into account. By sustainable catering we mean catering with an eye for animal welfare

and respect for nature. Our products are also made under fair conditions with fair prices. Our business operations are sustainable as much as possible and the waste stream is ecologically responsible.

In this way we contribute to a more sustainable future.

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Choice for regional products

In the composition of our culinary range  so much is may use raw materials  that are fresh and locally produced. We are therefore very pleased that weWe have been purchasing our fresh products from horticulturists, farmers and growers from the province of Flevoland for some time now. To better guarantee the quality of our raw materials, we are collaborations with various suppliers of regional products.These partners have been providing regional products from Flevoland with a great deal of social involvement for some time now.

Working with regional products

Our kitchen team always knows how to make the most beautiful, tastiest but above all the most surprising creations from the range of various regional products of the season. The key words when processing regional products are therefore: healthy, tasty, sustainable and pure. These are familiar concepts to us, as we aim to make our events shine with these core values. We strive to use as many regional products as possible in our kitchens and in this way to contribute to a more sustainable world.

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