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Daily fresh soups

Our soups are our pride, simply because the combination of sustainable and tasty comes into its own. Our kitchens work with fresh products as much as possible, so there are sometimes some  raw materials that are perfect for use in soups and sauces.

For that reason there is always a soup of the day that is fresh and surprising. Our soups go with the season and are therefore sustainable and delicious.

Cold Soup Shooters:

Autumn and winter:

Spring and Summer:

Squash soep

soup of the day     

Fresh homemade soup with garnish:
croutons, fresh herbs and bread with spreads
€3.95 per cup


Mediterranean zucchini soup

Zucchini soup with as garnish: croutons,
fresh Mediterranean herbs and Parma ham
€3.95 per cup


Tuscan tomato soup 

Authentic Italian soup with garnish:
croutons, fresh basil and strips of Parma ham
€3.95 per cup


Oriental beetroot soup       

Fresh beetroot soup with garnish:
lentils, fresh ginger and a touch of coconut
€3.95 per cup

Spicy pumpkin soup 

Nutritious, spicy soup with as garnish:

croutons, fresh coriander and chorizo strips

€3.95 per cup      

Homemade snert

Authentic fresh pea soup with garnish:

celery, rye bread crumbs and strips of bacon

€3.95 per head 


Forest mushroom soup soup         

clear stock with garnish:

croutons, fresh sage and fried bacon strips

€3.95 per cup


Farm vegetable soup      

Authentic vegetable soup with garnish:

croutons, farmer's soup vegetables and meatballs

€3.95 per cup


Cold  soup shooters

Soup shooters are presented in amuse-bouche glasses or swing-top bottles and they are served cold.

They are very good as a side dish,

as part of a dinner or as the basis for an amuse-bouche during an event.

Delicious beet shooter     
Surprising shooter made from fresh beetroot,
cucumber, garlic and balsamic
€3.95 per shooter


oriental pumpkin shooter

Oriental shooter with pumpkin, coconut, lime,
ginger, basil and red pepper
€3.95 per shooter


spanish  gazpachoshooter
Fresh shooter with tomato, cucumber,
garlic, bell pepper and coriander
€3.95 per shooter


Surprising vegetable shooter
Surprising shooter made from fresh spinach,
cucumber, avocado, garlic and fresh ginger.
€3.95 per shooter



Prices are excl. VAT and personnel costs - Subject to change



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