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Who we were, who we are and where we are going:

I am Nanke Dikkerboom, I am the second generation who, with pride and a lot of ambition, can hold sway within our family business. 

Driven by idealism and enthusiasm, De Vijf Sterren was founded in 1996 by my parents. Since then, the company has continued to

has grown and De five Sterren is now a successful partner in the catering and events industry. We have developed into a full-service catering company and offer customized service. Together with our fantastic permanent team of employees, we work every day with great passion and enthusiasm to make our company shine. Our challenge is to make sure your guests lack nothing and to surprise them in a culinary way, so that they go home with a fantastic feeling. Our great strength is that we are always looking for the ideal mix of tailor-made service, perfect hospitality and culinary surprises. Corporate social responsibility is an important part of our vision and corporate culture. We are a training company for various practical training courses and have close contacts with various social institutions to offer employment to employees with limited opportunities on the labor market. 

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What we stand for, believe in and promise:

Delicious food for a fair price with attention to sustainability.

"Our passion is"

"Customer friendly"

"We're going for it"

Your party or event is worth Five Stars.

To collaborate, customized service and perfect hospitality.

Surprising creations that are prepared fresh daily with dedication.


Delicious food for a fair price with attention to sustainability.

"Where we stand for"

Together we create an interpretation that perfectly suits your wishes, budget and style.

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