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Good food at the business

The five stars offer various options to enjoy a tasty culinary interpretation during or after work. Enjoying something tasty and healthy during a meeting, training or lunch will be highly appreciated by the staff or your guests. We deliver daily fresh products, freshly prepared and delivered on time to the location. We have various options for every moment. For example, delicious overtime meals, great lunches, composite buffets or delicious snacks.

Various items can be ordered online. If desired, we can make a tailor-made offer without any obligation. Please contact us for this.


city ​​Market
What can we help with?
To get inspired:
Culinary surprising dishes,
perfect hospitality and tailor-made service.

A delicious meal.

For the team.

2015-03-20 13.49.11.jpg

Various delicious lunches.

Delivered to the location.

catered Event

Composite buffets.

Something for everyone.

Mexicaanse Meal

Take a break.

Enjoy something delicious.


Order online.

Very easy.

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