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Classic meals 

Our classics are our pride, simply because the combination of sustainable and tasty comes into its own. All dishes are prepared fresh daily in our kitchens. This also applies to our classics and meals. The meals are often used for, for example, staff who work overtime. Of course we also offer delicious drinks and desserts. 

To make it easy, all meals can easily be ordered online. Our classics can be ordered from a minimum of 10 people.


Lasange Napolitana     

Lasagna bolognese or vegetable lasagna
Served with a salad, bread and spreads
€ 14.50 per person

Italians stuffed chicken rolls

Stuffed chicken rolls with tomato and basil,
wrapped in bacon and accompanied with a creamy
risotto, roasted vegetables and a green salad
€ 16.50 per person

Roasted chicken skewers and meatballs in
tomato sauce accompanied by a creamy risotto with
spinach and parmesan, served with a
salad, bread and spreads
€ 16.50 per person

Chicken skewers with gyros herbs
Meatballs in tomato sauce
Greek rice, white beans and stewed vegetables
Accompanied with a Greek salad
Bread and spreads
€ 14.50 per person    



Beef stew with brown beer       

Slow cooked beef poulet with onion, pepper,
cloves and abbey beer accompanied with
mashed potatoes, red cabbage and stewed pears
€ 15.95 per person


Rice table Bali 

nasi goreng
Javanese meatballs
Satay with satay sauce    

Eggs in spicy sauce
Hot beans
€ 17.00 per person



Roasted chicken thighs seasoned with ras el hanout
Accompanied with couscous, stewed vegetables
and a green salad
€ 17.00 per person



Chicken fajita with Mexican rice and
roasted corn on the cob, served with
a salad, tortilla chips, wraps and guacamole
€ 15.95 per person


Wintry cost    

Our chef is a specialist in winter food and makes
the most delicious stews and traditional Dutch
Dutch Pea Soup. The stews can be combined with each other and the portioning is approx
800 grams per person.


Kale stew with smoked sausage         
Fried bacon and gravy
Creamy yogurt with a fresh fruit salad
€ 19.25 per person

Stamppot  sauerkraut
Stew sauerkraut with smoked sausage
Fried bacon and gravy
Creamy yogurt with a fresh fruit salad
€ 19.25 per person








Prices are excl. VAT and personnel costs - Subject to change



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