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Lunch is perhaps the most important time of the day. Just relax and enjoy something tasty and preferably something healthy. We serve the tastiest sandwiches and complete lunches, always healthy and surprisingly culinary.

We also have sustainable infills in our range. Great crates with delicacies from the region. Of course we serve various vegetarian and vegan delicacies. The lunch buffets and complete lunches can be ordered from a minimum of 10 people.

Everything delivered on time at the specified location

Composite lunches and items to order with

Great Lunches with something for everyone

We take into account diets, allergens and halal

24 hours in advance to order or contact us


Wat kan je van ons verwachten?
Mexicaanse Meal
Order delicious lunches
Composite lunches
Order additional drinks
Nice and warm
Soup and salads
Fruit of the season
Complete lunches
Zalig zoet
Please fill in the order form below as accurately as possible.
We ensure that everything is delivered on time to the specified location. 

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