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“Delicious food from local produce.”  

Tasty, healthy and sustainable.

Heerlijk duurzaam

The flevo crate:

The Five Star Catering pays a lot of attention to corporate social responsibility. The Flevokratje is a vegetable crate with delicacies from the province of Flevoland. Enjoy local delicacies for 4 people. Delicious fresh juices, deliciously sweet muffins, healthy yogurts with red fruit, various mini sandwiches and hearty power snacks. Ideal for enjoying local delicacies together during lunch.

Also very suitable to use for breakfast or brunch or

to have it packed as a packed lunch for the road


The Flevolunch:


In the composition of this concept, as many products as possible are used fresh and locally produced.

We are therefore very pleased that we have been sourcing our fresh products for some time now from various horticulturists, farmers and growers from the province of Flevoland. In order to guarantee the quality of our raw materials even better, we have entered into partnerships  with various suppliers of regional products.

These partners have been providing a wide range of fresh and convenience regional products from Flevoland for some time, with great passion and social commitment.

The 4 o'clock:

Our kitchen team always knows how to make the most beautiful, tastiest but above all the most surprising creations from the range of various regional products of the season.

The 4 hour is an arrangement in which the key words are: healthy, tasty, sustainable and pure. The end of the afternoon is the time of day when energy decreases and appetite increases. We supply delicious healthy snacks and fresh juices to regain energy and keep going. 

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