Great Partyfood

A Walking dinner is a form of dining in which various small dishes are served. These dishes come on small plates and can be eaten standing. The number of courses is variable.

We can provide a walking dinner with standing tables, crockery, waiting staff and chefs on location. All dishes are coordinated and presented beautifully styled on trendy tableware.


Party food bites                               

Warm rectangles

Scampis in garlic oil and fresh herbs

Vegetable skewers of mushroom, bell pepper and zucchini

Roasted Yakitori skewer in ginger marinade

Tapass skewer of date, king prawn, mushroom and zucchini

Albondigas, meatballs in tomato sauce

Spicy marinated chicken buns

Cold dishes

Various mini club sandwiches topped with smoked salmon, beef loin and Coburger ham

Platter with various exclusive cheeses accompanied with chatterbox

Caesar salad with sun tomatoes, Parmesan, red onion garlic dressing

Assortment of glasses and skewers with:

Mozzarella with pomodori and basil

Smoked salmon with chive cream cheese and capers

Serrano ham with mascarpone, fresh fig and balsamic vinegar.

Spinata romana with cucumber and black olives

Accompanied with various breads and spreads

€ 30.50 pp

Optional dessert Mini preserving jars    

Chocolate garden with edible forest violet

Panna cotta with raspberry and browned almond

€ 2.95 pp

Party tapas bites                  

Warm dishes



Prawns al Ajillo

Pollo and salsa

Dátiles con bacon

Champiñones Ajillo

Patatas Bravas


Cold dishes

Bruschetta with Serrano ham and garlic cream cheese

Bruschetta with salmon and petrella

Bruschetta with smoked rib-eye and Parmesan

Cucumber canape with garlic cream cheese

Egg filled with salmon and serrano ham

Skewer of serrano ham with cantaloupe

Sun-dried tomatoes with cucumber

Mini pomodori with mozzarella in pesto

Spinata romana with sun tomato and black olives

Ensalada Andaluz - salad with red onion and olives

Marinated olives with peppers and garlic

Accompanied with aioli, tapenade and breads

€ 20.00 pp


Optional dessert                            

Fresh strawberries with freshly whipped cream

€ 2.95 pp

-gehaktballetjes in tomatensaus

-spiesje van kip met piri piri 

-gambaspiesje in knoflook 

-geroosterde kippenpootjes

-dadels omwikkeld met bacon

-gemarineerde champignons

-geroosterde aardappeltjes 

Late night snack
During or after the party
Black Angus burger

Served on a bun from The Hague, accompanied by

lettuce, tomato, cheddar and hamburger sauce.




Brrodje pulled pork

Sandwiches assorted

Bitter garnish




€ 26.50 per person

Cheese sausage board

Young matured cheese, cumin cheese and Old Amsterdam

Gelderland cooked sausage, liver sausage and salami

Served with mustard

€ 14.50 per portion (20 pieces)